Take the fight to the Red Legion in Destiny 2 with your exclusive Sparrow

The Last City has fallen and the Guardians are scattered. Lead by Dominus Ghaul, the Red Legion looks set to take the Traveller and eradicate humanity. And that’s where you step in, but not without a little extra help.

Thanks to our partnership with Bungie and Activision for the launch of Destiny 2, Virgin Fibre customers can claim the exclusive Athena Victorious Sparrow download code, simply by filling in your details below. The Sparrow is free and is compatible with Destiny 2 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One or PC.

Reclaim your Light!


Your unique customer account ID is your Area Reference followed by your Account Number (no spaces) this can be found at the top of your paper bill, or on your eBill email notification. Please note if your Area Reference starts with a 0, please omit this from your unique customer account ID.

In order to activate the redemption code and to receive you Sparrow, you will need to:

1. Fill in the form on this page to access your sparrow code

2. Log on to www.bungie.net/redeem

3. Complete the redemption code process as outlined on the website.

4. The Athena Victorious Sparrow can be claimed from Amanda Holliday after completing the Story campaign and reaching Level 20.

You can use the code to unlock your new Sparrow on PS4 and Xbox One from 6 September, and on PC from 24 October. Your code will only be available once on one platform.

Sadly not. The sparrow is only available to Virgin Media customers who receive a Virgin Fibre broadband service.

Redemption codes will be available from 6 September until 31 December 2017, and you must redeem your sparrow within this window.

No, there’s only one code per household available.

What information will I need to provide to Virgin Media to get the code

To receive your code enter your Virgin Media account number and a valid email address on this page.

If I sign up to Virgin Media broadband during the eligibility period (6 September until 31 December) can I claim a code?


Is Virgin Media going to store my information when I sign up for the code?

No, we will only send you the Sparrow code. You will not be contacted for any other marketing purposes.

Will Virgin Media share my details with Activision or Bungie?