Voting is now closed but the nominees for the Virgin Media’s Must-See Moment of 2018 are...


Julia Montague assassinated

As Home Secretary Julia Montague delivers a speech, her bodyguard David Budd identifies a threat and sprints to protect her. But before he reaches the stage it is ripped apart by an explosion. Regaining consciousness in a scene of destruction, surrounded by dead and dying, Budd finds Julia seriously injured.

Coronation Street

Gail’s monologue on the suicide of Aidan Connor

As news of local businessman Aidan Connor’s suicide ripples throughout the community, long-standing Coronation Street resident Gail Rodwell reflects on the tragic event, the impact on Aidan’s father, and how easy it is to remain oblivious to someone’s personal struggles.

Doctor Who

Rosa Parks, the Doctor and her companions make sure historical moments remain

After paying her bus fare, the driver stops Rosa walking through the bus towards the ‘coloured’ section, telling her to use the rear door. As she’s leaving, Rosa momentarily sits in a ‘white’ seat to pick her purse. Once she’s disembarked, the bus pulls away before she’s able to re-enter.

Killing Eve

Eve stabs Villanelle

It has been a long and difficult hunt; Eve has chased Villanelle all the way across Europe and back, following a trail of victims that included her own friends. Having traced Villanelle to her apartment they now find themselves face to face across her bed. But what happens now?

Peter Kay’s Car Share

The Finale

Whilst John and Kayleigh are waiting at a red light, Kayleigh spots a hedgehog trying to cross a busy dual carriageway. Fearing it will be squashed by the traffic she gets out of the car to rescue the little creature, but doesn’t realise the chaos she is causing behind her!

Queer Eye

Tom completes his transformation

A lonely dump-truck driver with a big ol' heart goes from "ugly" to unbelievable and learns how to reverse years of bad habits.