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This is no ordinary family. Oh, no. This is a Virgin Media family. In their home everyone has the power to enjoy what they love. Take a look around and we'll show you some of the incredible things you can do with our network.

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Click one of the red buttons to start exploring the power of our network.

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Want to know what fantastic things you can do with your devices when you connect them to our supercharged network? Click on a room and see for yourself.


Our fastest ever WiFi with the new Super Hub

The whole family can do what they want online. Connect lots of different devices at once, stream music or video and download large files quickly. It’s a breeze for our Super Hub. And with amazing WiFi coverage, you don’t all have to crowd round it to get a great signal. Domestic bliss.


An even better way to watch Netflix

Did you know you can watch Netflix on your TiVo® box? Cool, huh? So you can stream hundreds of movies and TV shows straight to your telly. And if you search for something with your TiVo® remote, your Netflix library will be searched, too. So you’re never short of something to watch.


Go surfing from your sofa

Our TiVo® box has lots of cool in-built apps. Get onto your favourite social networks, watch YouTube clips or listen to your favourite Spotify playlists. And because TiVo® has its very own internet connection, you can stream your movies in crystal clear HD without slowing down any other devices on your network.


The beat goes on (and on)

Calling all air guitarists. With our superfast WiFi, your home becomes your very own concert hall. Stream your playlists from your smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer to your music system and rock the night away.


Take on each other – or the whole world

Our broadband has enough firepower for even the most hardcore gamers. You’ll enjoy super smooth game play even when your whole family is online. So whether you’re playing your mate down the road or someone in Brazil, the fun never stops.


No more fighting over the remote

Download the TV Anywhere app to your smartphone or tablet and you can watch up to 90 live channels (including BT Sport if you have our TV XL package) anywhere in the UK with WiFi. So while one of you watches the telly, the other can watch TV on your tablet or laptop.


Bring the office to you

That pile of work won’t feel so daunting when your toes are curled up in your slippers. With our network you can access and download files immediately, even when you’re nowhere near them. (No wonder we won Best Broadband Provider, Fastest Home Broadband, Best WiFi Service and Best Broadband Innovation at the uSwitch Broadband Awards.)


Cook up a storm

Looking for a little inspiration in the kitchen? When you’re connected to our supercharged network you’ll spend more time preparing a feast and less time waiting for that ‘how to stuff a chicken’ video to load.


Have a dinner dance

Do you love rocking out to the radio while you cook? With our network, you can stream your favourite radio stations and still have enough bandwidth to post those important pictures of your culinary masterpieces on Instagram with your smartphone or tablet.


Get smart with your smartphone

Surf the web, stream music, check your bank balance or find the perfect recipe. There’s very little your smartphone can’t do when you connect it to our network, even if you’re using lots of other devices online at the same time. And if you like watching videos or streaming music, you’ll enjoy super smooth streaming.

You're upstairs

Our network is so powerful that the whole gang can enjoy being online at the same time. To see how, click one of the rooms.


Catch up with Corrie while the kids watch cartoons

So the kids have taken over the telly? Let them. Put your feet up with your tablet and your choice of on demand TV instead. Our network is built for smooth streaming – so there are never any distractions from me-time.


Finish the film in bed

It’s late and you should really hit the hay, but if you go to bed now how will you know what happens in the finale? With Virgin Media’s multi-room streaming, you can press pause on your TiVo® box downstairs and carry on watching on your TiVo® box upstairs. So the only way you’ll miss the ending is if you fall asleep.


Be the first to get new games and updates

So the game of the year has just been released and you can’t wait to give it a go. When connected to our network, you can download it to your console in minutes. Just spare a thought for your mates with regular broadband who are left staring at that frustrating download bar.


Connect the kids

Children love exploring, chatting and learning online (and, let’s be honest, playing the odd game, too). And it seems the older they get, the more bandwidth they crave. But because we’re always looking to make our broadband even faster, it’ll be ready for whatever they can throw at it.


Protection for your family

There’s peace of mind for the whole family with Virgin Media broadband. We’ll help protect you from net nasties like malware and phishing sites. And with the latest parental controls, we’ll help you stop your kids seeing anything unsuitable. You can even block sites at a certain time of day if you like – so they stay focused on homework… and not Facebook.

You're outside

And you’re still connected! Click the garden to find out how our network keeps your broadband speeds super fast inside and out.


A breath of fresh air

Our new Super Hub is one flash bit of kit. It’s our fastest and most powerful yet and it’s perfect for using loads of mobile devices at once. It has an extra wireless antenna to boost its range, so you can stream the big match to your tablet with our TV Anywhere app while getting some fresh air.


Superfast cables for supercharged everything

Our broadband doesn’t slow down the further you are from your telephone exchange. That’s because we use fibre optic cables to the street cabinets (those big green boxes you see on the pavement) and coax cables to our customers’ homes – and we’re the only broadband provider that does so. Also, because our cables are rubberised, your signal is less likely to be affected by the weather – unlike copper.

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